What happened next? What had happened before? What were you doing then?

Just write a few lines so somebody else can follow the story... remember to be as imaginative as possible!

One day I was on my way to work when suddenly...I saw a car stopped on the road and a woman who was asking me for help.
It was very early and still dark, I hesitated whether to stop or not......While I was thinking about this a fat man got out the car. This man was very strange and he looked at me seriously....
Suddenly he told me, I´m looking for a health food shop because I have a bit of a problem, I need to lose weight.
Can you help me,please? You are very fit and good looking so you can tell me how I reduce my body.
I was very surprised because nobody never told me those things. I always was considerated an ugly guy and now a man thought that I was good looking. I was so happy that I called my friends to tell it but I realized that I was later so I get into the car