Here you can find the answers for the photocopies I give you for homework.

HERE THERE IS some very basic grammar but that you may need to revise, as I have noticed that many students are still making mistakes with subject-verb agreement:

HERE YOU HAVE a nice exercise for RELATIVES WHO, WHICH and WHOSE (which we didn't practise last day).

And for advanced students of Pre-Intermediate who want to do some further practice on RELATIVES, please go here for more information and more exercises.

IT'S A BIT DIFFICULT BUT if you are interested in Ambrose Bierce's collection of dark and bitter definitions for common terms...

click here


The Devil's Dictionary.

THIS IS SOME listening practice about people's descriptions.

Click here for listening.

And here you can check the the script:

appearance.jpgFEELING LIKE DOING a crossword? Just scroll this window down and right

and try to find 5 adjectives for describing people and their opposites.

If you get tired of looking for them you can check the key at the bottom!

cartoon.put_face.jpgCLICK HERE or scroll down the window for some more activities on physical decription, in the first exercise just drag one half and match it to its other half...

In the next window you can scroll right and do a vocabulary activity on personality adjectives. It also gives you the possibility to read their definitions.